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Allie is a young lady with a big and open heart. Through her keen feelings, she connects with others and with nature. Though Allie was mentally and emotionally abused growing up, she was also loved and nurtured. Purposeful people enter her life that sculpt the dimensions of her heart. Allie savors the love she finds in these places and sees deep meaning in life's simplicities. Still, she struggles to break free from difficult cycles in relationships. Allie realizes she must look inward to be free to live the life she's always wanted. 

By navigating the complexities of the human heart, Allie journeys to heal her past and her future. Along the way, she discovers that, when we honor ourselves, life will blossom from both love and pain. 

Can a person co-create their life with faith? What is possible when we seek our own hearts? By reading Allie's story, may you be inspired to discover the wisdom inside your heart and believe in the power of faith. May you find meaning in both life and love to the depths of all that they are.

“Graceful story of struggle, acceptance, patience, love, disappointments, wisdom, and the lessons that come along with it. Detailed parallels and observations with nature descriptions and animals invite you to be part of this story. Beautiful, heart-felt journey of challenging life moments turned into lessons. Great read!”


-Elle Ballard, Founder of Women of the World Network


While out in nature, so much of what you notice personally is meant to guide you on your way. Structured by Earth’s four seasons, Seasons of the Soul gives you a collection of deep and inspiring passages on the wisdom available within nature. Each chapter takes you alongside the author, guiding you to higher perspectives on life. Search inside our heart and soul for the epiphanies waiting within you.

Each season in nature offers us a different kind of energy. You’ll see it in nature’s cues. Likewise, our lives go through seasons. Whether in our work lives or relationships, when we experience a winter, we must focus more on self-care and dig deep for strength. We also know that , as cycles go, there will be spring again, offering new growth and revival. All things are temporary, and when we choose to be present and intentional in the way we live our seasons, we can empower ourselves to make the most of every one of them. 

“This book will quiet your soul. It is a comfort that draws you into heart space and reverence.”

-Jean Walters, Deep Truth, Wisdom of the Masters

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